Available Light Advisory


In 2008, Available Light Advisory conducted an assignment for NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. Available Light Advisory, in association with the centre for well-being at nef, the New Economics Foundation, looked into how well-being might be incorporated into an Innovation Index to measure innovation in the UK. Our report is available here.

This work demonstrated the strong links between well-being and creativity. Richard has continued to investigate how well-being, through its impact on creativity, impacts the creative economy; and how the creative economy, in turn, affects the well-being of citizens. Richard has been funded by the University of Hertfordshire Business School (where he is a Professor) to conduct a meta-analysis of this relationship, and recently presented a paper on the subject at a Business School Research Conference. He also spoke on this subject at the inaugural Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology, in Toronto, Canada on 20-21 July.

In addition, Available Light Advisory was hired by Cine-Regio, the European network of regional film funds, to write its 2013 Focus Report, “Wellbeing and Regional Film Funds”, which was delivered at the Berlin Film Festival in February of next year. The report articulated the wellbeing impacts of regional film funds and indicated how their activities contribute to the wellbeing of regions.