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Richard has developed an un-paralleled expertise in the area of European State Aid Regulation. In 2004, Richard led the team that produced the State Aid toolkit for the UK Film Council. This was the first complete review of the impact of state aid on the British film sector. It also made recommendations for the clearance of new film programmes.

State Aid rules are the complex set of regulations imposed by the European Commission on Member States regarding state support. These rules are particularly important in the cultural sector, especially film and television production. This is a crucial but little known area of public policy.

Over the last seven years, Richard has worked with the BFI, UK Film Council, the European Film Agency Directors, Cine Regio, the Czech Film Commission and other bodies around Europe, on issues concerning state aid for film. He has recommended strategies for clearing film support programmes, and has also advised on new approaches to state aid clearance for proposal to the European Commission.

Richard has a particular expertise on the issues around the Cinema Communication, which outlines the circumstances under which state funds can be invested in film production. Key issues involve the cultural test, territoriality, aid intensity, and the ‘difficult & low budget’ provision.




European State Aid Regulation