Available Light Advisory


Richard has conducted over 50 assignments concerning different aspects of international film and television production. These have principally focused on three aspects:

  1. the competitiveness of production locations around the world

  2. the impact of fiscal incentives on comparative costs

  3. film and television studios: their feasibility and impact on costs

Competitiveness Studies

Richard led the team that conducted two major assignments for the Office of the British Film Commissioner, the international arm of UK Film Council, to compare the costs of film production in the UK to other destinations around the world, including US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and around Europe (see here). Richard also did similar work for a Spanish client regarding production in Spain, Morocco and Eastern Europe.

Richard has also led the teams on major studies of competitiveness strategies in international locations, such as the Czech Republic, which included a mapping of the size and impact of the sector, and Malta.

Fiscal Incentives

Fiscal incentives are the government support programmes provided to attract film and television production. Richard has analysed numerous fiscal incentive regimes around the world - including UK, Europe, the US states. Clients for this work have included UK Film Council, Telefilm Canada, the predecessor organisation to Screen Australia, and the BBC. He is an expert on structuring incentives to both attract production and (in Europe) pass the rules of European regulators (see state aid). Richard most recently worked on the fiscal incentive programme introduced in the Czech Republic.

Film & TV Studios

Studios are crucial elements of the production infrastructure. But they are expensive to build and run. The balance between their expense and their convenience for productions is very fine. Richard has conducted numerous feasibility studies on studios - particularly in different nations/regions of the UK, including Scotland, Manchester, and the West Midlands. Clients have included the Malta Film Commission, Scottish Enterprise, Northwest Regional Development Agency and Advantage West Midlands. He has also done a number of assignments for Ciudad de la Luz Studios in Spain, and helped iDream Productions plan for studios in India. Richard has completed assignments evaluating the economic impact of Warner Brothers’ purchase of Leavesden Studios; and for Scottish Enterprise, looking into the feasibility of a production space in Scotland. (Both of these with SQW.)




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